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PROLIFE Across AMERICA is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to changing hearts & saving babies’ lives. Since 1989 we've been bringing positive, persuasive messages, offering information and alternatives – including adoption – and post abortion assistance to those in need. Learn More

"I couldn't go through with my abortion after I saw that ad. I never knew the baby's heart was beating at 18 days."
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Our renowned, national speakers are available for your events- churches, groups, television, radio- we've done it all. Learn more

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I think you should know your billboard is the reason I cancelled my abortion." -Ann     More Testimonials...MERCHANT ARCHIVE Handbag Black Black ARCHIVE MERCHANT Handbag zzprw7

Baby Developmental Facts

  • 18 days a baby's heart begins to beat
  • 43 days brain coordinates movement
  • 7 weeks a baby can hiccup
  • 8 weeks organs can function
  • 9 weeks has permanent fingerprints
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Pregnant and in Need of Help? Know someone who is? Contact us now by web or call 800-366-7773 for free counseling.

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Learn about a baby's development from conception to birth. Get facts, share with friends, help change hearts!

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P.O. Box 18669 Mpls, MN 55418
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