tote Large bag Carvela Tote' 'Bobbie Wine FROM APRIL 1860 TO OCTOBER 1861, dozens of brave Pony Express riders delivered mail between Sacramento, California and St. Joseph, Missouri. The distance was 1,800 miles, and it took Pony Express riders ten days, which was half the time the stagecoach required for the same journey. By keeping the east connected with the west, the Pony Express held the nation together. Young Pony Express riders charged across the country on the fastest horses available. Over two thousand miles of wilderness was crossed, including a section of high mountain desert in Nevada. Today, this stretch of Nevada has been designated “Pony Express Territory.” Welcome to our 17-million acre museum, where visitors can experience nature, history, art and science. You can find it all in Pony Express Territory as you explore ghost towns, old mines, rock art sites and nature preserves. And at night, you can enjoy our open-air observatory with a great view of the heavens. Undisturbed and one of a kind, our doors are always open in Pony Express Territory and there are no waiting lines.


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Dayton is the site of Nevada’s first gold discovery and a contender for being the state’s earliest Euro-American permanently inhabited settlement. To learn more about Dayton, CLICK HERE.

Carvela 'Bobbie Wine tote bag Tote' Large FERNLEY

Born as a result of railroad construction, the City of Fernley was established in 1904 and later developed into an agricultural and ranching community. To learn more about Fernley, CLICK HERE.


Fallon Nevada was born during the California Gold Rush when exhausted travelers stopped along the Carson River after crossing the 40-Mile Desert. To learn more about Fallon, CLICK HERE.

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Born a silver mining town, Austin was home to many prospectors and silver miners. Today, it features some of the best mountain biking, hiking, and exploring in the state. To learn more about Austin, Black grey Prada Black 51992 Tote 51992 Prada fqn6d.EASTPAK Rucksack HATCHET bumbag Blue amp; rqr5z1


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a walking tour of historic Eureka presents wonderfully preserved brick and wood buildings. To learn more about Eureka, CLICK HERE.


Ely was once a stop along the Pony Express Trail. 1906 marked the arrival of the Nevada Northern Railway, and today, visitor can visit this well-preserved railway. To learn more about Ely, CLICK HEREKARL bag Across LAGERFELD body Black fqzRfFw.


The Great National Heritage Area is home to the The Great Basin National Park and 13,000-foot Wheeler Peak and some of the darkest skies in the country. To learn more about Great Basin, CLICK HERE.

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