Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore was founded in 1986. From the beginning it has maintained its reputation as one of the most prestigious postgraduate medical training centres in Pakistan.d landscape bag ring Perkins tote Dorothy Taupe 1qw7SExnAt

Proceedings is the official journal of the institution since its inception and is now in its 30th year of publication. It is a biannual journal and represents research from all departments in the institute. Proceedings is officially endorsed by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.
In 2015 the journal was placed online in a digital format to make its entire past, current and future issues available freely to everyone. It also represents the first step to make it easier for medical practitioners in other institutions to submit their research.

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Prof. Kamran Hussain – Chairman & Dean

Prof. Saadia Shahzad Alam – Chief Editor Proceedings

Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem.

We write at a very special time for Proceedings. Since it’s journey began in 1987, only a year after Shaikh Zayed Hospital itself was founded, it has been a biannual publication. This year of 2018 will be the year that it progresses to a thrice yearly publication. This marks a significant chapter as it speaks for the increased interest of both readers and authors. The second greatest milestone that we have achieved is full national and international peer review for each published paper. This was a fundamental requirement for our next goal: a fully indexed journal. We can only strive harder if the goal is higher and further. And our goal is ever closer this year.

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We would like to encourage the potential authors of scientific research to strive towards fair and honest authorship. Honesty in authorship and in scientific data speaks for itself in the end product.

“We Venture Forth”

Editorial Board

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National Editorial and External Peer Review Boards

Proceedings Vol. 2 ( 2018).

New from 2018: Specialty Specific Supplements